Our legacy

DASIOS SA was founded by Panagiotis Dasios in 1982. Since then the progress of the company is steadily improving. There has been an increase in the variety of products improving the traditional recipes consolidating the reputation of DASIOS CONFECTIONARIES reflecting their superb quality.

Business plan

The business plan is firm in its goals, explicit but flexible in order to constantly respond to new fields of action. These explicit and flexible goals improve the standardisation methods of the existing system which the Company considers essential to its certification, according to the ISO & HACCP models.

Wide range of products

The confectionery and ice-creams which the Company produces cover a great variety of traditional recipes as well as a lot of new flavors giving a wide range of prices. With 550 different kinds, it covers a large spectrum of consumer choices throughout the year.

We welcome you to the new website of Zoomserie Confectionaries where you can find information about our sweets and ice-creams, as well as about our services and the way our shops operate.

As the Zoomserie chain is developed, the need for communication continuously increases. Therefore, you are welcome to communicate with us, expressing any comment, need, complaint, or indeed your satisfaction. Highlight your needs and preferences.